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Cheat Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent

Dragon City is a game on Facebook with the main objectives of Breeding, Raising, Training, and Selling exotic Dragons. One thing that sets this apart from other games on Facebook, is the fact that this game does not use any from of 'energy points' that most facebook games use, which take time and/or money. Another nice feature in the game are the Gems. You can buy them with real money, like in most games, but it is also fairly easy to earn them for free through a variety of methods, e.g. winning Tournaments with your Dragons. If you're new to the game or lost in some point, start (over) with the Basics to master the game.

Today Admin will share How to Get and Collect Dragon City Gem with Cheat Trick Hack (Permanent) for Free. After you used this cheat, you can get gem free. Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent update Tuesday, 18 February 2014

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How to Get 50 gems/day and 5 gems/week for free:
Log in to your facebook account and play Dragon City Game
Find your facebook id and session id
After that open this site:
you will be asked to fill out facebook id and session id, fill with your facebook id and session id
After it all filled and then click submit
The final step, reload your Dragon City
Note: Use this tool when you DID NOT open daily bonus cards. This tool will get 50 gems for free but if you reached high level it take you more time.

I hope post on Cheat Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent work to you. See you to the next Cheat Dragon City.
M.Haris Arafah

Author : M.Haris Arafah

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